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The AFC provides a unified voice to champion the Australian Fashion & Textile Industry.

Our unique position connects critical stakeholders across the industry, allowing us to effectively champion an innovative, resilient and sustainable legacy for Australian fashion and textiles.

Through collaboration and leadership, the AFC provides the resources, support and tools to enable our industry to continue to evolve and thrive. We deliver strategic initiatives and advocate for our industry at the tables that matter.

To effectively do this, the AFC has developed five core strategic initiatives for 2021.

1. Foundational Industry Economic Study

The first of its kind, the Foundational Industry Economic Study, sponsored by Afterpay and produced by Ernst & Young, will explore the value and impact of the Australian Fashion & Textile industry. The data delivered by this study will paint a comprehensive picture of our industry, empowering the AFC to advocate on its behalf. Insights drawn from this study will be utilised to establish an industry measurement framework, as well as inform the development of the AFC’s Strategic Roadmap.

2. Australian Fashion Brand Project

This initiative will identify and articulate an ‘Australian Fashion’ identity by highlighting Australia’s specific aspirational attributes of a Diverse Lifestyle, Indigenous Heritage, Responsible Practice and Mindful Creativity. Once developed, the ‘Australian Fashion Brand’ will be used as the foundation of a campaign to showcase local brands both internationally and at home. The primary focus is to drive increased awareness and demand on a global scale. This is an opportunity to respond to the deep consumer desire to support local brands as well as celebrating our unique national offering on a global stage.

3. Industry Recovery Roadmap

To ensure our local industry thrives and has a competitive future, there is a need to address the upskilling and current skills shortage of the Fashion & Textiles Industry. Our first step is to deliver an endorsed twelve month recovery plan to the industry as the initial phase of our longer-term, broader industry revitalisation plan. The deliverables are to stimulate Local and Global demand in order to grow industry and create jobs, map Industry Skills to identify gaps, redundancies and opportunities, and to incorporate this into future Education and Workforce Planning, and engage Government on fiscal, procurement and environmental interventions.

4. Sustainability, Technology and Diversity Strategy

Through the development of Sustainability, Technology & Diversity Strategies, we empower AFC members to efficiently set goals and deliver meaningful change in business efficacy and responsible practice. AFC Toolkits represent one home at members fingertips to easily access resources, 101 guides and best practice recommendations.

5. Membership & Partnership Programs

A core strategic initiative of the AFC is our new Membership and Partnership program, which delivers robust representation, education and connection to our members. The key priority of this initiative is to implement high-value and community-building opportunities to facilitate our members to grow sustainably. By directly addressing industry needs through key partnerships, the impact of our community will continue to build exponentially. The AFC Membership Program provides the industry with a strong network, resources and opportunities.

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